Protect your hair from summer problems


Summer hair care tips The summer heat can be harsh on the hair as it is on the skin. The heat, the scorching sun, excessive perspiration, dust and dirt, a spurt in skin and scalp infections are among multiple factors that make our hair vulnerable in summers.

The heat of the sun, the UV radiation can damage the hair. It can also cause discoloration which will be clearly evident in colored or bleached hair. Besides, it is in the summer months that we step out into the swimming pools more often, the saltwater and the pool chemicals like chlorine can also cause harm. The dry and hot winds sap away all the moisture from our skin, scalp and hair and make them look lifeless and burnt. Plus excessive sweating too does no good to the hair, making them a sticking point for all the dust and pollution that is in the air. Hence, we need to follow extra care to keep our hair clean, scalp infection free and protected during summers.

Wash Frequently
One of the basic needs in summers is to wash your hair often. The humidity, heat, dust and the resultant sweating means you need frequent washing to keep your hair and scalp clean. It is recommended to shampoo your hair every alternate day, depending on the condition your hair is in. Particularly if you spend a lot of time outside, travelling or under the sun, you would need frequent washing and cleansing. However, excessive use of shampoo can deplete moisture from your scalp, therefore you need to be careful about the shampoo you chose. It is better to pick up moisturizing shampoo that will keep your hair hydrated even as it cleanses it.

Oil the Hair
As mentioned above the frequent shampooing can leave the hair and scalp dry. Therefore, it is advisable to oil your hair regularly with warm oil. At the same time, do not be excessive in oil application as then the hair will need greater quantity of shampoo to wash it off. This excess of both oil and shampoo can be traumatic to the hair. Oil regularly but in moderate quantities. Take moderate amount on your fingertips and massage it gently all over the scalp to stimulate the oil glands and blood circulation. You do not need an overnight application. An hour or two suffices.

Cover from the Sun
Even a few minutes of direct exposure to the sun can cause damage to the hair. For people who spend a great amount of time outside, the threat is even greater. Much like the skin, the sun’s harmful UV radiation are also dangerous to the hair. But, which we apply sunscreen to our skin, the hair is often left unprotected. When you step out, wear a head gear that covers your hair. May be, wear a hat or a scarf. Also, start using hair care products like conditioners with sunscreen; they will give your hair
a protective covering.

Products with UV protection form a protective covering on the hair and prevent hair damage from radiation, much like sun protection creams do for the skin. Exposure to the sun in summers can scorch your hair and make them lifeless. People who have colored their hair will notice the color fading away, such is the impact of the UV radiation. Hair care products with UV protection form a shield on your hair. But, you have to apply them daily.

Be Careful While Swimming
In summers we also take to activities like swimming. They provide much needed relief to the body and mind as well as a good source of exercise. However, the hair doesn’t like the water in the swimming pool. Better wear a shower cap to the swimming pool or else apply conditioner on your hair before jumping into the pool, it will protect your hair against pool chemicals like chlorine. Make it a point to immediately wash up your hair after you step out of the swimming pool.

Limit Use of blow driers and hot irons
It is always better to limit the use of blow dryers. Rather, gently squeeze out excess water from the hair and blot it with a towel. However, if you have to do it, remember that blow drying the hair throws a lot of heat on hair and it damages the hair follicles in the process. So keep the heat low and better apply a softening mousse on the hair. Blow drying can also cause the pores of the scalp to open up and this can lead dirt and pollution to enter, weakening the roots. Also, regular use of hair dryers dulls the hair.

With Summers Comes More Fizz
Get your hair trimmed as the summer season begins so that there are no split hair ends and damaged hair. This ensures the hair is healthier to begin with. Using a moisturizing shampoo is important to prevent extra dryness and the fizz that comes with it. Use a moisturizing conditioner religiously every time after you shampoo. If you still have the frizz problem, you can use a few drops of anti-frizz oil or serum. Limiting the use of blow dryers and hot irons and covering your hair against hot wind are other useful tips.

Summer hair styles
The heat often makes us hate our hair in summers. What with the tresses hollering over your neck. Some people also like to experiment with their hair styles in summers; some try short cropped hair for a change. In summers people mostly love to sport more casual hair styles. The best styles for summer are high ponytails, buns, short shoulder length hair. High ponytails make your neck look and feel cool in summers. Tying up the hair in innovative buns supported by fancy clutchers is also a good idea.
Some people like to revive the old style plaits in new ways during the summer months. A side plait is also in.


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